The Samurai of Prog "The Spaghetti Epic 4" CD

The Samurai of Prog

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The Samurai of Prog – The Spaghetti Epic 4 (CD)

The latest release from the Finnish-Italian lineup show them, once again, back in great form. As with previous albums, it is built around a theme. This time it is spaghetti westerns, but with plenty of prog chops and two epics surpassing 20 minutes each. Does it get more prog than that? Another great album in a beautiful package with artwork by Ed Unitsky.


  • Marco Bernard – Shuker Bass
  • Kimmo Porsti – Drums & Percussion


  • Tommaso Fichele – Vocals
  • Stefano Galifi – Vocals
  • Juhani Nisula – Electric Guitar
  • Marcel Singor – Electric Guitar
  • Rafael Pacha – Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Marco Grieco – Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Sound Effects
  • Alessandro Di Benedetti – Keyboards
  • Mimmo Ferri – Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Dulcimer, Viola Braguesa
  • David Myers – Peano
  • Beatrice Birardi – Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Custom Percussion Set “G. Tamborrino”
  • Adam Diderrich – Violin
  • Sara Traficante – Flute
  • Marc Papeghin - Trumpet


  1. Dead Or Alive
  2. Mira Al Cuore
  3. La Resa Dei Conti
  4. Snakebite
  5. The Fabulous Felipe And His Dancing Squirrels
  6. High Noon

Format: CD
Artist: The Samurai Of Prog
Release Date: 2022