The Skys "Colours of the Desert" CD

The Skys

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The Skys - The Colours of the Desert (CD)

The Lithuanian Prog Rockers are back with the fourth album of their unique blend of neo-prog.

“Bringing together influences such as Pink Floyd (the strongest flavour), RPWL, Fish era Marillion and Eloy, The Skys have created a Neo-Prog album of quite some stature, with bold musical themes being boosted by intricate, yet grand arrangements. Colours Of The Desert is an album that improves with multiple listens, maturing and enthralling as you become more familiar with it. I’m off to become even more acquainted right now!” – Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility


  • Jonas Ciurlionis – Guitars, Vocals
  • Aleksandr Liutvinskij – Guitars
  • Bozena Buinicka – Keyboards, Vocals
  • Justinas Tamasevicius – Bass


  • Martin “Frosty” Beedle – Drums
  • David Kilminster (Roger Waters, Steven Wilson) – Guitar
  • John Young (Lifesigns, Bonnie Tyler, Scorpions, Fish) – Keyboards
  • Snake Davis (Eurythmics, Ray Charles, Paul McCartney) – Saxophone
  • Tony Spada (Holding Pattern) – Guitar
  • Anne-Marie Helder (Mostly Autumn, Panic Room) - Vocals

Mixed by Steve Rispin


  1. Colours Of The Desert
  2. Is This The Way?
  3. I…He…
  4. Walking Alone
  5. When The Western Wind Blows
  6. Calling Out Your Name
  7. The Pyramid
  8. Lethal Kiss
  9. What If?

Format: CD
Artist: The Skys
Release Date: 2011