Wudewuse "Northern Gothic" CD

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Wudewuse - Northern Gothic (CD)
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Wudewuse is the project of SBM, also known as Spacewülff of Spectral Haze and Skrubben (The Wolf) from Tusmørke. A life in service of music has conjured forth a style we call “gothic forest folk”. It is the sound of intricate guitar picking, set to a mythical lyrical universe.

This particular incarnation of Wudewuse consists of five prominent musicians from various metal, pop, and prog-groups.

“This album was written over a period of three years while I was living in the forest and worked at a graveyard. Early in this period I went through a cosmic psychosis, following a death trip I had had on various substances. That certainly made its mark on the songs. At the graveyard I listened to a lot of classical and «gothic» music, as well as metal and progrock which has always been dear to my heart. John Renbourn and Bert Jansch have inspired everything I’ve ever done with Wudewuse and this is no less the case with this album. The result is gothic forest folk - Northern Gothic. I have the honor of being joined by a handful skilled musicians who set their particular sound to the tracks. Dauinghorn from Jordsjø / Elds Mark / Tusmørke, Daniel Bakken from Superlynx / Magenta, Ole Rokseth from Hymn / Sâver / Gundelach and Hlewagastir from Wobbler/Tusmørke.”


  1. Amaryllis
  2. Kirkegaardsvise
  3. Kharon
  4. Northern Gothic
  5. Selene
  6. Halvgangar
  7. Bernard Herre
  8. Lucifer
  9. Hvem Kan Seile Foruten Vind

Format: CD
Artist: Wudewuse
Release Date: November 13, 2020
Cat. No.: ARP041CD