Jimmy Keegan

Jimmy is a native of Los Angeles.

Jimmy started playing at 10 years old. A few months after receiving his first drum set, he landed a TV show alongside the late River Phoenix. A few months later he was doing theater in LA as a cast member and musician. By 14, he started his first band Polo that would end up in regular rotation at Disneyland, as well as winning Starsearch and performing on numerous telethons. By 18, he had started getting calls for sessions and tours. It expanded from there.

“I was lucky to have a huge family with all kinds of music playing at all times. As I grew as a musician, I just continued that trend of listening to everything. Consequently, I get calls from R&B artists as often as rock, pop and country artists.” From Santana, John Waite and Kenny Loggins to Tevin Campbell to Tony Orlando."

In 2003, Jimmy began touring with Spock’s Beard alongside fellow Aquarian artist Nick D’Virgilio. 2012 saw Nick leaving and Jimmy taking over as the full-time drummer with the release of Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep. In 2015 came The Oblivion Particle. Then it was on to new territory, joining Pattern-Seeking Animals in 2018, That prolific band has just released their fourth album,
Spooky Action At A Distance the fourth album from Pattern Seeking Animals is out now.

The future is here! Jimmy's
 first self-titled solo venture, as not only the drummer, but also singer and producer, is due out on March 1, 2024.