Shadow Gallery

Originally called Sorcerer, Shadow Gallery is an American progressive metal band formed in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania in the early 1980s. After changing their name to Shadow Gallery (taken from the graphic novel, V for Vendetta) and recording a short 8-track demo, the band was signed to Magna Carta Records in 1991. Shadow Gallery's eponymous debut was released the following year in Japan and Europe. They would release 1 compilation and 4 studio albums on Magna Carta, in addition to 2 later studio releases on Inside Out.

The band has been compared to contemporary progressive metal bands Dream Theater and Symphony X. The members of Shadow Gallery have also collaborated with other progressive metal bands. Dream Theater's James LaBrie contributed backing vocals to the song "I Believe", which appeared on Shadow Gallery's 1998 album, Tyranny, and in return Shadow Gallery members have contributed to LaBrie's side projects, including MullMuzzler.

Shadow Gallery songs, often in the context of a concept album or story, are frequently long with extended instrumental pieces in the middle. For diversity, their music is heavy at times and mellow at others, sometimes incorporating elements of neoclassical and symphonic metal.