Kornmo (from Trondheim, Norway) is the result of an almost 50-year musical collaboration between Odd-Roar Bakken and Nils Larsen. When their former band, Morild, disbanded in early 2015, the desire to create music together was still strong.

Nils had his head full of ideas, themes, and melody lines and a faithful Fender Jazz Bass. Odd-Roar had a room with a home studio, full of guitars and keyboard instruments, even a Moog on top of a Korg organ, as well as an insatiable urge to play. Anton Larsen had the technical and digital knowledge needed to operate a home studio and eventually became the one who took care of production and mixing.

Kornmo plays instrumental progressive/symphonic rock with roots in the early 70’s, undertones of folk music, and with an emphasis on the melodic.

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