Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman "Weir Keeper's Tale" Vinyl

Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman

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Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman – Weir Keepers Tale (Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy Release

Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman’s 2016 intimate tour-de-force, “Weir Keeper's Tale”, gets the Plane Groovy treatment in 180g vinyl in a non-gatefold cover with full colour lyric insert and lined inner sleeves.

Very different from Wakeman and Wilson's work with Headspace, Weir Keeper's Tale is an entirely acoustic release featuring singer-songwriter arrangements with focus on lyrical stories.

“Yeah. Relax. This is the beautiful sound of Damian Wilson’s pipes with Adam Wakeman’s beautiful piano playing. If you expect Damian going Threshold this is not it. But if you want to stay a bit and hang out I guarantee a wonderful time.” ~ J. Thomson, Amazon


Side One:

  1. Seek For Adventure
  2. Weir Keeper’s Tale
  3. Catch You When You Fall
  4. Together Alone
  5. Murder In A Small Town

Side Two:

  1. Freedom Is Everything
  2. God Be My Judge
  3. People Come And Go
  4. Cold


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman
Release Date:  2016
Cat. No.: PLG052