Downes Braide Association "Suburban Ghosts" Vinyl

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Downes Braide Association – Suburban Ghosts (Vinyl)
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DBA is the musical collaboration between the legendary Geoff Downes and Chris Braide who joined forces as the result of their close friendship and passion for music. DBA is a labour of love for both Downes and Braide and together they form a unique combination.  They have produced four critically acclaimed studio albums and one live album with Halcyon Hymns due for release early 2021.

Their second studio release is an album about isolation and loneliness in small town suburbia. The story goes back to Chris's and Geoff's childhoods in Cheshire in the North West of England; its beautiful varied countryside landscapes in contrast with grey industrial wastelands; the feeling of claustrophobia that led them both away looking for a new adventure; the sentiments of nostalgia as they return to a town populated with the ghosts of their past.


Side One:

  1. Machinery Of Faith
  2. Suburban Ghosts Parts 1 & 2
  3. Suburban Ghosts Part 3
  4. Vanity
  5. Number One

Side Two:

  1. North Sea
  2. One Of The Few
  3. Time Goes Fast
  4. Live Twice
  5. Dreaming Of England
  6. Finale


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Downes Braide Association
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