Franck Carducci "Oddity" CD

Franck Carducci

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Franck Carducci – Oddity (CD)

The debut album from Franck Carducci shows off his blend of 70s prog and psychedelic rock with a modern sound. With four of the albums five songs clocking in at around ten minutes or more, we are taken on a journey like the great bands of the 70s, but with a distinct new and modern sound. You quickly forget about the past and recognize you have found something new and unique. Give this a listen and you will know rock ‘n’ roll is still alive.


  1. Achilles
  2. The Quind
  3. The Eyes Of Age
  4. Alice’s Eerie Dream
  5. The Last Oddity
  6. The Carpet Crawlers (Bonus Track)
  7. Alice’s Eerie Dream (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

Format: CD
Artist: Franck Carducci
Release Date: May 18, 2011