Gryphon "Get Out of My Father's Car!" Blue Vinyl


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Gryphon – Get Out of My Father's Car! (Blue Vinyl)(NEW/SEALED)

This Plane Groovy release is a 180g sky blue vinyl limited edition, cut from hi-res masters.

Gryphon is back with their seventh album. You might be wondering how can it only be seven. After finding great success back in the 70s, the band broke up and only rejoined 40 years later. They are back stronger than ever. If you loved Gryphon then, you will for sure love them now.


  • Andy Findon – Flute & Piccolo, Soprano Krumhorn, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone Saxes and Clarinet
  • Brian Gulland – Bassoon, Recorder, Soprano Saxiphone, Whistle, Melodicator, Piano, Organ, Harpsicord, Harmonium, Vocals, Bell Holder, 16 panel, quick fold, rainbow coloured Golf Umbrella
  • Dave Oberle – Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Bell Striker
  • Rob Levy – Sadowsky and Musicman Bass Guitars
  • Clare Taylor – Colin Mezin 1871 Violin, Francois Nicolas Violin Bow, Joseph Alfred Lamy Bow, Vocals, 8panel, quick fold, 25 inch, multicoloured Golf Umbrella, Percy Prius Carhorn and Door Slams
  • Graeme Taylor – Santa Cruz OM Acoustic Guitar, Reproductions of 1952 Telecaster Blackguard and 1957 Sunburst Stratocaster by Alan Kennedy, Vocals, Keyboard and Drum Programming

Side A:

  1. Get Out Of My Fathers Car!
  2. A Bit of Music By Me
  3. Percy The defective Perspective Detective
  4. A Stranger Kiss
  5. Suite for ‘68
  6. The Brief History of a Bassoon

Side B:

  1. Krum dancing
  2. Forth Sahara
  3. Christina’s Song
  4. Normal Wisdom From The Swamp … (a sonic tonic)
  5. Parting Shot


Format: Blue LP Vinyl
Artist: Gryphon
Release Date: 2020
Cat. No.: PLG088