Edison's Children "In the Last Waking Moments" CD

Edison's Children

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The debut album from Edison’s Children, containing the USA Top 40 single, A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had a Time Machine) and the only known to feature four of the five members of Marillion that isn’t actually a Marillion album.

This is the beautifully haunting debut record by Edison's Children featuring Pete Trewavas (Marillion/ Transatlantic) and NYC's Eric Blackwood. "In The Last Waking Moments" follows an individual who has experienced a surreal and bizarre happening as he tries to comprehend if it was all reality or a descent into madness.
"The climactic 15 minute track The Awakening, brings all the strands together thrillingly (and features one Steve Hogarth), before the sparse haunting close Fallout (of the 4th Kind) appears to drop the character, dazzled and disoriented, back at the top of the album". "A Sci-Fi concept that is Moody, Engaging and Beautifully Executed" -- CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE presents PROG! - Grant Moon

"Taken in the round, this is an exceptional progressive rock album assembled by two top musicians at the zenith of their powers", "the majesty of a superb contemporary progressive rock masterpiece is occasionally interrupted by moments of complete aberration... in a strange way serve to enhance the overall feeling that this is a remarkable, even beautiful record." 5 STARS -- GET READY TO ROCK Magazine - Alan Jones

"An album that must be heard at least once in your lifetime" - "This is an extremely important and excellent piece of work" - "It is a testament to the skill of these musicians that you are blown away by the bass playing of Blackwood on the opener, and then by the power guitars superbly handled by Trewavas on Fracture."- In The Last Waking Moments is a true masterpiece, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Five stars for a masterpiece of modern progressive rock. - 5 STARS --PROG ARCHIVES – Lazland

Pete Trewavas – Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, FX, Strings
Eric Blackwood – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, FX

Additional Musicians:
Steve Rothery – Lead Guitar on Spiraling
Robin Boult – Power Electric Guitar on In The Last Waking Moments
Steve Hogarth – Town Choir Vocals on The Awakening
Ian Mosley – Drums on The Awakening, Slowburn

1. Dusk
2. Fracture
a. Fallout (of the 1st kind)
b. The Last Refrain
3. In the First Waking Moments
4. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I had a Time Machine
5. Fallout (of the 2nd kind)
6. Outerspaced
7. Spiraling
8. The “Other” Other Dimension
9. Across The Plains
10. In The Last Waking Moments
11. Lifeline
12. Fallout (of the 3rd kind)
13. The Awakening
a. Slowburn
14. Fallout (of the 4th kind)

Format: CD
Artist: Edison’s Children
Release Date: July 9, 2012
Cat. No.: RDR-EC01