Jason Blake "The Compromise Rationale" CD

Jason Blake

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Jason Blake – The Compromise Rationale (CD)

Jason Blake delivers the second title in his ongoing Ternary Instinct trilogy. Whereas the prior album Fictional Mirrors represented the superego in psychoanalytical theory, The Compromise Rationale tackles the ego. The album takes on a much more heavy and dark tone as compared to its predecessor.

The Compromise Rationale delivers seven expansive new songs totaling more than forty-two minutes of engaging, unpredictable, instrumental exploration of an incredibly diverse sounding instrument delivered with impeccable precision. Recorded by Jason Blake, The Compromise Rationale was mixed by Amery Schmeisser, mastered by Bob Katz, and completed with cover artwork by Michal Karcz.

Blake states, “Work on part two of this trilogy began almost immediately after releasing Fictional Mirrors (part one). I wanted this album to represent the balance of the ego navigating a compromise between the id and superego. For this reason, the album almost has a split personality to it with the use of darker and lighter tones. The incorporation of odd times signatures and heavy riffing throughout also brings a lot of my progressive influence into what is otherwise a more cinematic experience. As with previous albums, all parts were performed using only a Warr guitar with an assortment of pedals.”

Ghost Cult writes, “As much an album as a soundscape for a personal apocalypse the album reads like a soundtrack to a futuristic dystopian film. Featuring compositions evoking heavy emotions, measured motifs, uplifting phrasing, and terrifying skill all at once, Jason Blake has outdone himself once again.”


  1. A Certain Balance
  2. Euphoria With Repercussions
  3. Deforming Reality
  4. Practical Methods Of Gratification
  5. The Compromise Rationale
  6. Secondary Influences
  7. A Moral Impasse

Format: CD
Artist: Jason Blake
Release Date: September 23, 2022