John Young "Significance" CD


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John Young - Significance (CD)

John Young solo album from 2002, showing off his melodic prog sensibilities and many future John Young Band fan favorites.

“Good albums do not always have to be in odd time signatures and feature “twenty minute mellotron solos” to be great. Significance is one such good album” – DPRP

“The music on Significance is for those who appreciate beautifully written song-based prog, rather than the complex and aggressive end of progressive music” – Ron Fuchs, Prognaut


  1. Significance
  2. All Gone
  3. Closer
  4. When I Was Young
  5. Papa
  6. Open Skies
  7. Underside
  8. Stranger Than Fiction
  9. Listening
  10. Used
  11. Under Angel Wings
  12. Just One Day
  13. Insignificance

Format: CD
Artist: John Young
Release Date: 2002