Major Parkinson "A Night at the Library" CD

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Major Parkinson - A Night at the Library (CD)
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On May 15th 2020, in the early days of Covid lockdown, Bergen's legendary Major Parkinson did a scaled down streaming concert from the music room at Bergen Public Library.

Stripped down to the core, their songs were able to shine in a much more vulnerable way than usual, something that resonated well with their fans all around the world in what we all hoped would be a short hiccup in normal existence. Now we know better and so they present these renditions on physical media as well.


  1. Lover, Lower Me Down (Live)
  2. Black River (Live)
  3. The Wheelbarrow (Live)
  4. Beaks Of Benevola (Live)
  5. Strawberry Suicide (Live)
  6. Isabel: A Report To An Academy (Live)
  7. Baseball (Live)
  8. Night Hitcher (Live)
  9. Before The Helmets (Live)
  10. Jonah (Live)
  11. Heart Of Hickory (Live)

Format: CD
Artist: Major Parkinson
Release Date: March 11, 2022
Cat. No.: AP107CD