Mark Kelly "Mark Kelly's Marathon" (CD/DVD) (Autographed Copies Available)

Mark Kelly

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Mark Kelly – Mark Kelly’s Marathon (CD/DVD)

This CD/DVD is packed in a limited edition three panel digipack. The DVD contains a live recording of the album at Real World Studios with behind the scenes material.

The debut album from Mark Kelly’s new solo project, Marathon, takes us on a journey of great melodies and lyrics that makes you think

When Arthur and Stanley sat down at Trader Vic’s to hatch their elaborate plot, neither quite knew where they were going. Out into the stars, certainly, but each having complete freedom from the other as to how to tell their own joint story across two different media. Then there was a communication breakdown. Their friendship never recovered.

When Amelia and Fred set off from Miami on their round-the-world flight they knew where they were going, ultimately to cross thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, with their penultimate destination a tiny island surrounded by vast reaches of open sea. The flying was exhausting, and they had no freedom from each other. Then there was a communication breakdown. Fred and Amelia were never recovered.

Man (and woman) has strived for the ability to fly, from first acquiring altitude, to crossing continents, then oceans and then circling the globe, to heading out into Space, to trying to communicate with whatever may be out there. But what if there’s a communication breakdown?

The bones of an idea

Signals sent but not received; but what happens if they are? Will we ever recover?

Know your history. Empires rust. Never mind asteroids, shit happens. That’s no lie, Pinocchio. It’s all a matter of time.

No one lives forever, but what a mystery is man. And woman. Everything has a reason. Sometimes it makes things seem inevitable (and maybe they are). Might as well whistle at the sea.

CD Tracks:

  • Amelia
    • Shoreline
    • Whistling At The Sea
    • 13 Bones
  • When I Fell
  • This Time
  • Puppets
  • Twenty Fifty One
    • Search
    • Arrival
    • Trail Of Tears
    • Brief History

DVD: The Real World Sessions

  • Intro
  • Amelia
  • Behind The Scenes 1
  • When I fell
  • Behind The Scenes 2
  • This Time
  • Behind The Scenes 3
  • Puppets
  • Behind The Scenes 4
  • Twenty Fifty One
  • Credits


Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Mark Kelly
Release Date: December 2020