Pattern-Seeking Animals "Only Passing Through" 2LP/CD

Pattern-Seeking Animals

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Pattern-Seeking Animals – Only Passing Through (2LP/CD)

This release is a double LP in gatefold sleeve on 180g black vinyl with etching on side D. It contains 2 bonus tracks and CD.


Pattern-Seeking Animals, the California-based band featuring Ted Leonard (lead vocals & guitars), Jimmy Keegan (drums & vocals), Dave Meros (bass) and John Boegehold (keyboards), are back with the band’s third studio album titled Only Passing Through.

Only Passing Through, our third album picks up where Prehensile Tales left off but soon takes several stylistic detours as it progresses. Everyone involved made this album a lot of fun to make and we’re all looking forward to it to finally being heard.” - John Boegehold

“This new album draws from a lot of different sources and pushes all of us to bring out our best. We all had to dig pretty deep to express out the right spirit of each song.  To call it Prog would be highly inadequate. We’re all over the map and yet, there is still a very distinct sound that threads through the whole album. I’m very proud of this record and excited for people to hear it!” - Jimmy Keegan


Side A:

  1. Everdark Mountain
  2. I Can’t Stay Here Anymore
  3. Time Has A Way

Side B:

  1. Rock Paper Scissors
  2. Much Ado
  3. Only Passing Through
  4. Said The Stranger

Side C:

  1. Here With You With Me
  2. I’m Not Alright (Bonus Track)
  3. Just Another Day At The Beach (Bonus Track)

Side D:

  • (Etching)

      Format: 2LP/CD
      Artist: Pattern-Seeking Animals
      Release Date: April 1, 2022