Richard West "Maybe A Writer: My Life In Threshold" Book

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Richard West - Maybe A Writer: My Life In Threshold (Book)

Kingmaker Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of an autobiography by Threshold keyboardist, Richard West.

Maybe A Writer: My Life In Threshold will be published on 8 December 2022, following close on the heels of the release of Threshold’s twelfth studio album, Dividing Lines, which will be released by their label Nuclear Blast on 18 November 2022.

Richard West never imagined that he would spend 30 years as the keyboardist with British progressive metal standard bearers, Threshold. From his first rehearsal with the band in a damp, neglected village hall, to touring with Dream Theater and sharing huge outdoor festival bills with rock legends including Whitesnake, West has been at the heart of Threshold since 1993 and has become one of its driving forces.

Along the way he has seen various singers, including Damian Wilson and Andrew ‘Mac’ McDermott, and a series of drummers pass through the band’s ranks. Threshold have experienced both tragedy – notably Mac’s death in 2011 – and triumph. Demonstrating considerable resilience, the band have perennially persevered, with their 2017 album Legends Of The Shires marking a return to top form, which is continued by Dividing Lines.

Written during 2021 and 2022, West’s autobiography provides the definitive account of the career of one of prog metal’s key bands. Beyond Threshold, West recalls his childhood on the UK’s Devon coast, writing pop music for Simon Cowell, making a din with Jimmy Page’s guitar and getting to know his wife Farrah in prison. The book also recounts West’s other musical adventures in League Of Lights alongside Farrah, as well as other projects.

“Richard West is such a talented, versatile and prolific musician, composer and now author. This is a biography disguised as a novel – it’s an awesome read.”

Maybe A Writer: My Life In Threshold will be published as a 200-page hardback, including 40 pages of photographs documenting West’s life and career, including some photographs exclusive to the book.

Format: Book
Artist: Richard West
Release Date: December 8, 2022