Rick Armstrong "Infinite Corridors/Spatial Elements/Chromosphere" 3CD Bundle

Rick Armstrong

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Rick Armstrong - Infinite Corridors/Spatial Elements/Chromosphere (3 CD Bundle)

If you aren’t already familiar with Rick Armstrong and his blend of electronic, ambient, progressive music now, is a great time to change that. With this bundle, you will receive all of Rick’s albums, including his upcoming “Chromosphere” when it is released in May-June 2023.

In the progressive rock community, Rick Armstrong is best known for playing guitar and bass in Edison’s Children alongside Pete Trewavas (Marillion, Transatlantic, Kino) and Eric Blackwood. His solo albums, however, show his fascination with electronic music and build on his connection with space exploration, the latter part coming as part of his DNA as the son of rather famous astronaut.

You will find many of Rick’s friends going on these musical journeys with him, friends such as Steve Rothery (Marillion), Dave Foster (Big Big Train, Steve Rothery Band, Panic Room, Dave Foster Band), Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Stick Men), John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Frost*, Arena, Kino), John Wesley (Vertical Horizon, Porcupine Tree), and Gabriel Agudo (Bad Dreams, In Continuum).

Enjoy where it all takes you!


Infinite Corridors

  1. Hypernova
  2. Infinite Corridors
  3. Subduction Zone
  4. The Lost Sea
  5. Chaos Theory
  6. Sunstorm
  7. Timespiral
  8. Among The Ruins
  9. Shifting Sands


Spatial Elements

  1. Heart Of Iceland
  2. Accretion Disk
  3. Challenger Deep
  4. The Pillars Of Creation
  5. Magmatica
  6. On The Surface Of Luna
  7. Valley Of The Time Tombs


  1. The Vast Unknown
  2. Spheres Of Influence
  3. Uncertain Shadows
  4. Artemis One
  5. The Robot’s Rebellion


Format: 3CD
Artist: Rick Armstrong
Release Date: May – June 2023
Price: $30.00