Riverside "Wasteland Tour 2018-2020" 2CD


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Riverside - Wasteland Tour 2018-2020 (2CD)

Until now, this compilation was only available on Riverside tours. Now, it is available here and can’t be purchased anywhere else. This is a live compilation from their 2018-2020 Wasteland tour. It shows off the band at their best, playing the songs from their Wasteland album and a great many fan favorites.



  1. Intro/Acid Rain
  2. Vale Of Tears
  3. Reality Dream I
  4. Lament
  5. Hyperactive
  6. Escalator Shrine – Part II
  7. Saturate Me/Out Of Myself
  8. Second Life Syndrome – Part I
  9. Left Out
  10. Guardian Angel
  11. Lost


  1. The Struggle For Survival
  2. Forgotten Land
  3. Loose Heart
  4. #Addicted
  5. Egoist Hedonist
  6. Wasteland
  7. The Night Before
  8. Panic Room
  9. River Down Below
  10. The Day After

Format: 2CD
Artist: Riverside
Release Date: 2022