Stein Roger Sordal "As I Try To Remember ... " CD

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Stein Roger Sordal – As I Try To Remember … (CD)
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The musician & songwriter Stein Roger Sordal is finally ready with his first solo album – As I Try to Remember… is the first part of a double album where all music and lyrics are written by Sordal himself.

Stein Roger Sordal has played in a variety of bands throughout the years. Internationally, he’s mostly known as the bass player and songwriter in the band Green Carnation, while more and more people also know him as the singer, guitar player and songwriter in the band Sordal.

Stein Roger Sordal has played on more than 30 album releases from the 90s up to now, but he has never before made a solo album, where every instrument is played by himself. 

As I Try to Remember… is an album where Sordal has dived into his own catalogue, and made acoustic versions of songs he originally wrote for bands like Green Carnation, Sordal, Angels Motel, Plutho and Soxpan. His choices aren’t necessarily the most known songs but those that mean the most to him. The sparsely arranged album consists mostly of vocals, acoustic guitars and piano.


  1. Who Could Tell
  2. Broken Beyond Repair
  3. Ride On
  4. Silence
  5. 187
  6. Moving Clouds
  7. Runaway
  8. Lucifer
  9. World Without A View

        Format: CD
        Artist: Stein Roger Sordal
        Release Date: September 1, 2023
        Cat. No.: AP168CD