Stuckfish "Days of Innocence" CD


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Stuckfish – Days Of Innocence (CD)

Formed in 2017 by singer/songwriter Phil Stuckey and guitarist/composer/producer Adrian Fisher, Stuckfish is a highly acclaimed British melodic prog-rock band.

Following on from the critical success of Calling (2018) and The Watcher (2019), the epic storytelling brand of music continues with the release of album #3, Days Of Innocence.

Expect the usual grand orchestration and melodic style, but also a swerve in direction towards a more eclectic, genre bending mix of musical influences. The band regard this album as their best work to date and the prog community has been united in their praise and appreciation of it.

The influence of the current line-up, Adam Sayers on drums, Phil Morey on bass and Gary Holland on keys is evident in the bands’ progression in sound and in the multi-layered textures of the music.

“… little wonder the plaudits are coming in thick and fast for Stuckfish” – Prog Magazine

“Fantastic melodic prog rock” – Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine

“A thing of beauty, my album of the year” – Steve Beastie, HRH Prog

“A masterpiece, a melodic wonder” – Brian McAllister, Going Underground Prog and Rock Show

“…a prog epic of which the whole band should be very proud … This will appeal to a wide audience beyond the prog fraternity” – Richard Swan, The Progressive Aspect

“…Breathtaking … stunning, stuning, stunning!!!” – Brian Mear, Mearfest

“…one of my albums of the year already … melodic prog at its best …” – David Edwards, The Progressive Aspect

“…a monumental achievement …” – Brian Watson, Progzilla Radio

“… Superb musicianship, gorgeous melodic vocals, and stunning lyricism. This is musical literature.” – Rick Peuser, Progzilla Radio


  1. Age Of Renewal
  2. Days Of Innocence
  3. Painted Smile
  4. GameChanger
  5. Thief In The Night
  6. Yearn
  7. Nevermore
  8. Different Ways

Format: CD
Artist: Stuckfish
Release Date: April 2022