Alwanzatar "Kosmisk Skrekk" CD

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Alwanzatar - Kosmisk Skrekk (CD)
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Alwanzatar is a one man (Krizla from Norwegian cult heroes Tusmørke) musical project creating extraterrestrial world music, with flute, incantations, synthesisers and electronics.

Kosmisk Skrekk is a gloomy soundtrack for space travel aboard grey, dusty interplanetary crafts. Beware of space pirates with hooded lanterns sneaking up behind an asteroid as you lay frozen in your sleeping capsule! The sounds on Alwanzatar’s fifth album are generated from a hundred years of synthesizers, including the theremin, Buchla Music Easel and Eurorack, accompanied by flutes, 808 drums and analogue mixing console screams. In many ways a lockdown album, it is a bleak travelogue of studio excursions into madness and altered reality.


  • Krizla – All Instruments


  1. Rompirater (09:59)
  2. Marspass (11:53)
  3. Moteplass (11:01)
  4. Sovekapsel (10:16)

Format: CD
Artist: Alwanzatar
Release Date: January 6, 2023
Cat. No.: ARP069