Antimatter "An Epitaph" CD/DVD


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Antimatter – An Epitaph (CD/DVD)

A double CD/DVD of a unique, one-of-a-kind semi-acoustic performance in Kyiv, Ukraine of the full Antimatter live band featuring a string quartet. This 2-disc set features 14 songs leaning heavily on material from Leaving Eden, Planetary Confinement and The Judas Table, as well as Moss’ standing cover of The Power Of Love from fellow Liverpudians, Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Please note the DVD in this package is Region 2.


  1. Leaving Eden
  2. Black Eyed Man
  3. The Last Laugh
  4. Little Piggy
  5. Too Late
  6. The Power Of Love
  7. The Judas Table
  8. Stillborn Empires
  9. Epitaph
  10. Redemption
  11. Conspire
  12. The Weight Of The World
  13. Legions
  14. Fighting For A Lost Cause (DVD Bonus Track)

Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Antimatter
Release Date: November 15, 2019