Honeyvein "Honeyvein" CD

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Honeyvein - Honeyvein (CD)
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Honeyvein is the moniker of Bastian Veland (Dobbeltgjenger, Ossicles), who has released music under this name since 2020. The music is not inspired by anything specific, more by the love for different kinds of music - ranging from pop and rock to electronic and experimental music, resulting in something that can be hard to label, but is still framed by a consistent production, atmosphere and a strict color palette.

Honeyvein is very much a DIY effort, as Veland writes, records and produces everything himself - although the album features guest appearances by musicians from Dobbeltgjenger and Major Parkinson, among others.


  1. Traditions Abandoned
  2. The Pulp
  3. White Knuckles
  4. Get There
  5. Superplastic
  6. Alleviator
  7. Dust
  8. Norwegian Squares
  9. Negativity
  10. Shitshell
  11. Linger
  12. Forever And A Day


Format: CD
Artist: Honeyvein
Release Date: September 30, 2022
Cat. No.: AP135CD