Lazuli "11" 2LP


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Lazuli - 11 (2LP)

French prog rockers Lazuli have returned with their new studio album 11. It's the band's first album to feature new guitarist, Arnaud Beynaud.

"Writing these 11 songs helped us keep our heads out of the water during the pandemic”, the band say. "Now they don't belong to us. Now it's up to you to bring them back to life by feeding your turntables..."

11 is the follow-up to 2020's Le Fantastique Envoi de Dieter Böhm, an album dedicated to the band's fans, through one of their most well-travelled fans who provided the storyline.   


Side A:

  1. Sillonner Des Oceans De Vinyles
  2. Triste Carnaval
  3. Qui D’Autre Que L’Autre

Side B:

  1. Egoine
  2. Lagune Grise
  3. Parlons Du Temps

Side C:

  1. Le Pleureur Sous La Pluie
  2. Les Mots Desuets
  3. La Betaillere

Side D:

  1. Mille Reves Hors De Leur Cage
  2. Le Grand Vide

Format: 2LP Vinyl
Artist: Lazuli
Release Date: January 18, 2023