Marius Leiranes "Langtidsperspectiv" LP

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Marius Leiranes - Langtidsperspectiv (LP)
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Music and geography are closely related. Places have their sounds and sounds have their spaces. A lot has been said about the "Nordic sound", whether it be jazz, progressive rock, electronica or extreme metal. We tend to think of isolation, melancholy, a certain kind of light, coldness, vast stretches of ice and rock.

Few have pinpointed their Nordic sound more precisely than Marius Leirånes, known from the Norwegian prog band Pixie Ninja. For his first solo project, he has chosen to tell - through music - the stories of his ancestral homestead, a small farm by the name of Leirånes.

The music on this record describes events and landscapes from the farm and its immediate environment, the wild, near-Arctic landscape of Rana in Mo I Rana. This area is pretty much smack on the Polar Circle, plunged into eternal darkness for half the year, while the midnight sun illuminates the summer months 24/7.

In his history, as well as in this landscape, there is drama, darkness, beauty and light in
equal measures. Combining elements of electronica, progressive rock, ambient and
post-rock, Langtidsperspektiv takes you on a journey that ranges from the serene to the
stormy, from the tragic to the triumphant.

To paint these aural pictures, Marius enlisted the help of musical friends from the upper
echelons of the Norwegian prog rock scene. Flautist Ketil V. Einarsen, known from Wobbler, White Willow, Weserbergland and Motorpsycho. Guitarists Gaute Storsve of Weserbergland and Thomas Meidell of The Samuel Jackson Five. Drummer & percussionist Trond Gjellum of Panzerpappa and Suburban Savages. White Willow/The Opium Cartel's Jacob Holm-Lupo is co-producer, mixer, and contributes various instrumentation. Marius himself has written the material and plays keyboards, modular synths and other various instruments.

Side A:

  1. Begynnelser
  2. Amerika
  3. Isen Paa Bukta

Side B:

  1. Granatsjokk
  2. 1959

Format: LP
Artist: Marius Leiranes
Release Date: July 23, 2021
Cat. No.: AP089LP