Rick Armstrong "Chromosphere" CD

Rick Armstrong

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Rick Armstrong - Chromosphere (CD)

After releasing his first two solo albums Infinite Corridors and Spatial Elements, Rick Armstrong (Edison’s Children, Steve Rothery & Friends), is back with his third album “Chromosphere”. Once again, he takes us on a magical journey with his mix of ambient, electronic and progressive music. What a journey it is!

Also, once again, he is getting help from some very talented friends. Besides Steve Rothery (Marillion, Steve Rothery Band) and Dave Foster (Big Big Train, Steve Rothery Band, Panic Room, Dave Foster Band) who have guested on Rick’s previous releases, there are few new musicals faces on this release. John Wesley (Porcupine Tree, Vertical Horizon), Leon Parr (Steve Rothery Band), and Eric Blackwood (Edison’s Children) also guest on the album.

But, wait, there’s more… For the first time, there is a track with lyrics and vocals featuring Gabriel Agudo (Steve Rothery Band, Dave Kerzner, Bad Dreams).

As this album breaks some new ground, it is still unmistakably Rick Armstrong and his vision. As you sit back and listen, you feel like you are joining him on this journey as the music draws you in. Sign up for the journey when the pre-order begins on March 3.


  1. The Vast Unknown
  2. Spheres Of Influence
  3. Uncertain Shadows
  4. Artemis One
  5. The Robot’s Rebellion

Format: CD
Artist: Rick Armstrong
Release Date: May - June 2023
Cat. No.: RDR-RA03