Saluki "Amazing Games" LP

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Saluki - Amazing Games (LP)
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Amazing Games, "the second coming", the sequel to their self-titled debut album from 1977. This could very well be described as Saluki's "forgotten" LP - since it never got released as planned in 1978, when Compendium Records went bankrupt.

Originally recorded in 1977 and re-recorded in the spring of 2018, with the exception of a couple songs replaced, but all part of the 1977 repertoire.  The band "sincerely hope that this album will inspire, and fill you with joy!"

Side A:

  1. Top Of The World
  2. Amazing Games
  3. Visions In Your Mind
  4. Be Here Now

Side B:

  1. Universal Seed
  2. Open Your Eyes
  3. I Sit Beside The Fire

Format: LP
Artist: Saluki
Release Date: 2018 (1978)
Cat. No.: ARP018LP