Sordal "Juno & Jupiter" White LP

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Sordal - Juno & Jupiter (White LP)
This is an Apollon Records release.

Sordal is an amazing pop project by Stein Roger Sordal from Norwegian avant rockers Green Carnation.

“There is a time for everything. March 2020, Covid-19 came knocking. Suddenly I found myself wondering how to keep doing what I do. Making music is one thing, but I sure as hell, need to play it. That’s who I am. The prospects were not good for concerts, so I had to dig deep to get mentally prepared for times ahead. Whether it was back home with Sordal, or somewhere abroad with Green Carnation. Closed doors and no shows! Now, in a pandemic, it’s the right thing to do, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it’s hard to accept the fact that your world just got so small that you really have to consider another path in life. That can work out for others, but not for me. I can't do anything else. Totally useless, because I have spent my last 30 something years dealing with music and pretty much nothing more.

However, I’ve always had a thing for the music I grew up with in the early 80 ́s. The songs, the production and the vibe. A lot of musicians I have met over the years curse this era with its "soul-less” machine sounds, but I fucking love it. I always have. I grew up with it, so I have an excuse. Now I get the feeling that it’s kind of back in the game, but for me Juno & Jupiter is nothing more than a tribute to the magic 80 ́s, production-wise. What you hear on this album is the Roland Juno 106, Jupiter 8, Jx-3P, Oberheim matrix 1000, Yamaha DX7 and D50, Korg Polysix, Sequential Circuits DrumTraks, Oberheim DX, Rockman Sustainor and FX unit from the late 70 ́s to the mid 80 ́s. Authentic stuff. We wanted to make a point of using that old stuff. It’s a passion project, but hopefully it’s something that can stir something within you. This album is mixed by two people. Christer Andre ́Cederberg and Endre Kirkesola.Cederberg also did the mastering and Jacob Holm-Lupo did the mastering for the vinyl. They all wanted to use what was available in that era and that, for me, brings this baby home.” - Stein Roger Sordal, 2021



Side Juno:

  1. You Make It So Damn Easy To Love You
  2. Moral Police
  3. Should I Cry For You
  4. Ashes Bound
  5. Transarctic Lover

Side Jupiter:

  1. I Don’t Believe In Science
  2. Into The Ocean
  3. Nothing Up My Sleeve
  4. Granit
  5. Mother Receive, Mother Return


Format: White LP
Artist: Sordal
Release Date: October 8, 2021
Cat. No.: AP098LP