Steve Hogarth "H Natural Christmas Live Stream" DVD (Autographed Copies Available)

Steve Hogarth (h)

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Steve Hogarth – H Natural Christmas Live Stream (DVD)

By popular demand, the DVD of the h Natural Livestream from St John’s Church, Oxford, performed 19th December 2020.

Return yourself to the festive state of mind in these strange locked-down times. Weird or what?!

Make some light in the darkness, folks.

~ h

PLEASE NOTE - this show was streamed live to a global audience and the streaming resolution is evident in some places during the performance.


  1. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  2. Across The Universe
  3. Seasons End
  4. This Train Is My Life
  5. The Downtown Lights
  6. You Dinosaur Thing
  7. The Answering Machine
  8. Trap The Spark
  9. Hard As Love
  10. Better Dreams
  11. Corona Diaries Podcast with Ant Short
  12. You’re Gone
  13. The Hollow Man
  14. Famous Blue Raincoat
  15. The Ghost In You
  16. Fantastic Place
  17. Drilling Holes
  18. Like A Rolling Stone
  19. Cage
  20. This Is The 21st Century
  21. Afraid Of Sunlight
  22. The Whole Of The Moon
  23. Spirit
  24. Easter
  25. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Format: DVD
Artist: Steve Hogarth (h)
Release Date: 2021