Caligonaut "Magnified as Giants" CD

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Caligonaut - Magnified as Giants (CD)
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This is the highly praised debut album of Caligonaut. This is a solo project by artist Ole Michael Bjørndal, the guitarist best known for his work with Oak, Airbag and Bjørn Riis Band. Bjørndal has composed the music, written the lyrics, and performed lead vocals and guitars. The other performers on the record include members of Wobbler, Airbag, Oak, Pymlico and Meer - with a special guest appearance by Norwegian church organ legend Iver Kleive.

Magnified as Giants contains four songs within a classic prog rock landscape inspired by the guitar and bass work of King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Rush, but blended with the more modern sounds of Tool and Opeth. Several of the pieces are written in Robert Fripp’s new standard tuning. The album also features an extended use of vintage keyboards played by Wobbler keyboardist Lars Fredrik Frøislie.

Caligonaut is a word comprised of the Latin words for mist or dimness,”caligo” and traveller/navigator, “naut” for the lyrical themes that are also prominent on the album. The album artwork was created by visual artist Marte Bjørndal, who has held exhibitions in Brazil, South Africa, China and Russia. The photography is by Anne-Marie Forker, known primarily for her work with Marillion. The album is mixed by Lars Fredrik Frøislie and mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo.


  1. Emperor
  2. Hushed feat. Iver Kleive
  3. Magnified As Giants
  4. Lighter Than Air


Format: CD
Artist: Caligonaut
Release Date: February 22, 2021