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Dean Baker

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Dean Baker - Constellations (CD)

Constellations is the debut solo album from Dean Baker, who is also the main writer and arranger for the established UK ‘Prog’ band Galahad.

You could say that Constellations is an accidental album borne out of personal tragedy. Dean’s good friend Ray succumbed to Cancer in 2018. Subsequently, Dean inherited a rather large CD collection and began listening to some of the gems contained within, including albums by iconic keyboard visionaries like Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to name but a few.

After having listened to a LOT of music by the above artists, Dean was massively inspired to write some music in a similar vein over the course of the Summer of 2018. Before he knew it, he had over twenty new tracks to work on! These were then distilled and whittled down to the ten tracks which appear on the final version of this album.

Dean also called upon a few fellow cohorts to contribute including Lee Abraham and Stu from Galahad on guitars and vocals, respectively, as well Anastasia Coburg from Coburg on vocals.

You could say that the resulting album is paying homage to some of the pioneering synthesizer artists of the 1970s, but it is also still very much a Dean Baker vision, incorporating modern production values and Dean’s very own musical slant on modern electronic music.

Constellations is dedicated to music lover Ray Chiles (1959 -2018).


  1. Le Chat Qui Peche
  2. Off The Shoulder Of Orion
  3. Here And Now
  4. Modular Seasons
  5. Clouded Hills
  6. New Horizons
  7. Nuda Veritas
  8. Engelbrecht
  9. Constellations
  10. Impression No. 8


        Format: CD
        Artist: Dean Baker
        Release Date: 2018