Galahad "Seize The Day" EP/CD


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Galahad – Seize The Day EP (CD)

Following the release of two critically acclaimed full-length albums in 2012, (Battle Scars and Beyond the Realms of Euphoria), Galahad released Seize the Day, the first of several EP's released in 2014.

Seize the Day was edited, tweaked and re-mixed by the band and Karl Groom. It makes a perfect single, in the band’s opinion, of course!

This limited-edition CD EP contains the original album version and several other re-recorded and re-worked Galahad songs.

21st Century Painted Lady is based upon Painted Lady, which was written and first recorded in the mid-80s, but has been given a major overhaul and now includes a second verse that didn’t appear on the original version!

Bug Eye, originally from the 1998 album Following Ghosts has been re-worked and brought updated for 2014. A live version of the original arrangement is also included on the EP.


  1. Seize The Day (Single Version)
  2. Seize The Day (Full Version)
  3. 21st Century Painted Lady
  4. 21st Century Painted Lady (Instrumental)
  5. Bug Eye 2014
  6. Bug Eye (Live)


    Format: CD/EP
    Artist: Galahad
    Release Date: 2014