Edison's Children "The Final Breath Before November" CD

Edison's Children

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The 2nd album from Edison’s Children

“The Final Breath Before November” is the haunting and ethereal follow up to their best-seller “In The Last Waking Moments”, which spawned a quirky but well received Top-40 rock hit.

You have to be careful or it will all be explained away. They will use science as an excuse for why things are the way they are, but what about those few times when it simply can’t be explained away, when it couldn't possibly make sense, no matter the formulas or calculations. I used to think I knew everything. Now, I know for certain, there's so much I will never truly understand. Looking back through my “Haunted Memories” I sometimes wonder, what do I do with all these dark & sometimes unexplainable circumstances of which no laws of physics could possibly be applied? Well, that's easy... We write a concept album about them! “The Final Breath Before November” is actually a very true story. I know you won't believe any of it because well... I still doubt it all myself. But, the fact is, it really happened & it happened to me. So, sit back in a darkened candle-lit room, put on your best headphones & let me tell you a little ghost story that isn't really a "story" at all. -- Eric Blackwood

And so the journey continues... Or should I say, in fact, finds its way back to the beginning? This album (or at least a large part of it) was actually the album that Eric and I had set out to record all that time ago when we were set up in the mountains above Montreal, around the time of the 2011 Marillion convention. We were working on a version of “Silhouette”, which I was going to arrange some strings on. I also remember “The Longing” being played around with at that time. The turning point was when Eric played me an early version of “Fracture”. We worked on the arrangement and I came up with the end section for it, and before too long we had got on to writing more songs. And the rest as they say is history. “In The Last Waking Moments” was born. (By the time we looked back on “Silhouette”, it no longer fit on the album ... either in length or in theme.) So, this time round we were in a better place to work on “Silhouette”, “The Longing” and a couple of things I had written like "Where Were You?". What I mean when I say this is. Having written and arranged together before, we knew what our strengths were and what we wanted to do with this album. Again, a combination of existing material and writing on the fly was involved and it is an incredibly fulfilling sense of achievement to finally have it in its finished form. - Pete Trewavas

Pete Trewavas – Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, FX, Strings
Eric Blackwood – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, FX
Henry Rogers - Drums

1. Final Breath
2. Light Years
a. The Fading
3. Silhouette
a. Silence can be Deafening (Part I)
b. Welcome to Your Dreamland
c. Where Were You
d. The Longing
e. The Morphlux
f. I am Haunted
g. What did you want?
h. The Seventh Sign
The Wrong
The Acolyte
The Hollows
i. The Second Coming of the Morphlux
j. Silence can be Deafening (Part II)
k. Welcome to Your Nightmare
l. Music for the End Credits of an Existence
m. The Clock Strikes November

Format: CD
Artist: Edison’s Children
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Cat. No.: RDR-EC05