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About The Band Wagon

The Band Wagon USA has a simple mission – to help you, the musician and music fan. Our primary goal is support musicians by getting their merch to fans. We perform this task so that musicians can spend their time doing what they do best – making and performing music.

In the current music industry environment, it is more important than ever to help independent artists. The best way to do that is actually purchase their music, their t-shirts, and their swag. This is the only way to ensure that the music we love will continue to be played by talented and dedicated musicians.

We have been involved with merchandising, band management, and tour logistics for nearly a decade. We have transported merch and musicians across North America, handled pre-order campaigns, acted as a fulfillment center, been festival organizers, and sold merch at individual shows, on tours and at festivals. This website is another way to assist the musicians that we love.

As our name would suggest, we are located in the USA. But, we do not want limit ourselves to American musicians. In fact, we want help promote bands and artists from around the world. For North American fans, it can often be incredibly expensive to purchase from overseas due to high shipping costs. The Band Wagon USA can step in and serve as a distribution center for international acts who want to get their music in the hands of North American fans. We want fans to spend their money on merchandise, not shipping.