Marek Arnold

At some stage in their career, almost all ambitious musicians and composers reach a point where they want to test their "individual handwriting" as songwriters "without filters". In other words, without external influences. In doing so, they are rarely concerned with vanity, spotlight seeking or indeed egomania. In fact, these kinds of projects are usually all about exploring their own artistic DNA, their very personal style as creative artists. 

For Marek Arnold, that moment arrived almost three years ago. “I was always at the helm of almost all my bands and have been asked time and again: ‘Why don’t you do a solo album?’, explains the multi-instrumentalist, who has been an integral part of the international prog rock scene as part of German art rock legend Stern-Combo Meissen and acts such as Toxic Smile, Cyril, Seven Steps To The Green Door and Damanek. Having been asked to compose the theme tune Stay for the renowned Reichenbach Artrock Festival in 2018 and having earned unanimously positive reactions, Arnold decided to take up the challenge, so in July 2023, his Artrock Project released an album at the interface of artrock, progmetal and Canterbury, including a spectacular 26-minute prog rock suite and two rearranged classics from Arnold’s previous career, recorded with the support of a host of renowned guest musicians.