The 16 Deadly Improvs "The Revenge of The 16 Deadly Improvs" CD

The 16 Deadly Improvs

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The 16 Deadly Improvs – The Revenge of The 16 Deadly Improvs (CD)

The fourth installment from the New Jersey improv band see them return with their unique approach and love of prog.

As explained by the band…

“The music, on this album was distilled from a single 2.5 hour collective improvisation that occurred in early January 2007. There were no prior rehearsals or sharing of musical ideas, and the later overdubs were also spur-of-the-moment.

We believe this is a largely successful attempt to make music in a pure and ideal form, where distinct musical personalities spontaneously interact together to create whole, dynamic compositions.

Some of the music has been edited for clarity and focus; some has been looped and/or digitally processed to create composition where it did not exist previously. Much is intact in its original form, with mistakes, cohesive flubs, and “moments of brilliance” all included, side-by-side.

We believe it is special and worthy of sharing. We hope you enjoy it.” – 16DI


  1. UnEarthly
  2. Brave Archer
  3. Don’t Move
  4. Flammenwerfer
  5. When The Tail Hits, The Head Reacts
  6. The Fall
  7. In The Black
  8. Spectrum: MMVII B.C.
  9. The 80’s
  10. Open
  11. Cyclopean
  12. Tongues Of The Moon
  13. 2/9
  14. Marco Polo vs The 4 Assassins
  15. Quiet American
  16. UnEarthly Reprise

Format: CD
Artist: The 16 Deadly Improvs
Release Date: January 1, 2008