35 Tapes "Home" CD

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35 Tapes - Home (CD)
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Melodic prog rockers 35 Tapes from Oslo, Norway, are back with their sophomore album Home.

35 Tapes plays music inspired by progressive rock from the seventies. The band tries to recreate some of the good vibes associated with the music of that era, merged with the typical Nordic vibes and mellowness you can find in fellow Norwegian bands such as Airbag, Oak, and Laughing Stock.

The iconic sound of a Mellotron, with its 35 tape rolls, made lifelong impressions on many a young soul in the mid to late 70’s, including the members of 35 Tapes. When they now, as mature men, take their life-long obsession with music seriously, the band 35 Tapes is the result. 35 Tapes are based on the sounds, tones and instruments we all once learned to love. The band’s dogma is this: not too many notes, but the right ones - not fixed chords, but floating, open chords—not virtuoso, but true.


  1. Undertows
  2. Wave
  3. Well
  4. Onward
  5. Walk
  6. Epilogue

Format: CD
Artist: 35 Tapes
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Cat. No.: ARP047CD