Advent Horizon "A Cell to Call Home" CD

Advent Horizon

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Advent Horizon – A Cell To Call Home (CD)

Advent Horizon's third full length studio album A Cell To Call Home is due for release on October 6th, 2023. The 11-track modern progressive rock opus, carefully crafted over three years of work, explores the interplay between love, dependency, and loss - told in first person through the eyes of a protagonist who is battling through the struggles of overcoming addiction. This thematic album paints a story which is at times vivid, and at other times surreal. Above all, A Cell To Call Home urges the listener to examine their own weaknesses before criticizing those they love.

This album was the result of three years of challenging work, but the attention to detail and control of the process made the efforts worth it. Synth/bass player Cason Wood states “On previous records we booked studio time and were limited to tracking parts within a given time frame. I’m really happy that we recorded it ourselves, as it allowed us to take the time to really get the parts right.”  The evocative album and single artwork was created by legendary and prolific artist Travis Smith, known for his artwork for Opeth, Devin Townsend, Avenged Sevenfold, Riverside, and countless other metal groups. Advent Horizon handled the production and mixing process themselves, then handed the project off to legendary metal producer Jens Bogren for mastering. Jens is known for his work with Opeth, Haken, Leprous, Between The Buried And Me, and many more. The final result is a recording that holds its own against any modern metal production. 

Sonically, A Cell To Call Home presents lush synth soundscapes, pensive piano interludes, heavy guitar driven instrumental passages, thundering drums, and complex pop-inspired vocal arrangements. The band feels they have developed substantially from previous releases, shooting for a sound they call “unabashedly progressive”. 


  1. Water
  2. Snow Child
  3. How Did It Get So Good
  4. Rain On Open Water
  5. Your Flaws
  6. Truth
  7. Calling It Off
  8. Control
  9. Maybe
  10. Cell To Call Home
  11. Hold Me

Format: CD
Artist: Advent Horizon
Release Date: October 6, 2023