Alwanzatar "Engsyre" LP (NEW RELEASE)

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Alwanzatar - Engsyre (LP)
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Alwanzatar is a one-man musical project by Krizla from Norwegian cult heroes Tusmorke and The Chronicles of Father Robin, creating extraterrestial world music with flute, incantations, synthesizers and electronics.

This is Alwanzatar’s sixth album, performed on synthesizers and flute. Engsyre is dance music for the faery folk feasting in the woods, where the murmur of the city falls silent and the booming bass of dreams takes over. It is the slow pulse of the blood in the ground, life sliding through roots of hungry trees, the scurrying movements of living creatures that do not wish to be seen. Hidden, until they show themselves in awesome splendor and sound reverberates in the hills.


  1. Hoymole
  2. Tarnhode med skyer
  3. Fjerdingby Filterbattle
  4. Sovekapsel
  5. En Lofterik Morgen
  6. Blomstergnom
  7. Skarntyde
  8. Morgendugg Pa Spindelvev

Format: LP
Artist: Alwanzatar
Release Date: April 26, 2024
Cat. No.: ARP078LP