Antimatter "Black Market Enlightenment" CD/DVD


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Antimatter – Black Market Enlightenment (CD/DVD)

2018’s progressive art rock release sees singer songwriter Mick Moss return and venture into some very dark waters indeed. A sprawling concept album based upon the folly of mistaking the overuse of psychedelics and other drugs for a path of spirituality, Black Market Enlightenment is a forward-thinking album that discards the traditional lead guitar passages in favor of qamancha, flute, saxophone and ebows. The promo The Third Arm was nominated for “Video of the Year” by Prog Magazine.



  1. The Third Arm
  2. Wish I Was Here
  3. This Is Not Utopia
  4. Partners In Crime
  5. Sanctification
  6. Existential
  7. What Do You Want Me To Do?
  8. Between The Atoms
  9. Liquid Light


  1. Finding Enlightenment (Documentary)
  2. The Third Arm (Promo Video)
  3. What Do You Want Me To Do? (3rd Planet Session)


Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Antimatter
Release Date: November 9, 2018