Aziola Cry "Ellipsis" CD

Aziola Cry

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Aziola Cry – Ellipsis (CD)

Ellipsis is the debut album by instrumental progressive rock band, Aziola Cry. It features Jason Blake on Chapman Stick (before moving to the Warr guitar) along with Mike Milaniak on guitar, and original drummer, Jim Boyle. Acoustic and programmed drums distinguish this album from their later work. The album tells the story of loss.


  1. Ellipsis I
  2. The Trembling Edge
  3. In Your Dissolving Arms
  4. Ellipsis II
  5. Shadow Lies
  6. When Soft Voices Die
  7. Then Wake To Weep
  8. Ellipsis III

Format: CD
Artist: Aziola Cry
Release Date: February 15, 2005