Dave Luxton "Music for Science and Stargazing" CD

Dave Luxton

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Dave Luxton - Music for Science and Stargazing (CD)

Music for Science and Stargazing is a collection of Ambient-Space Music tracks personally selected by Dave. The album is intended to be a provocative yet relaxing, mind-expanding listening experience to inspire the creative. Dave's personal favorite track(s) are Imaginary Borders, Coriolis, and the previously unreleased Microcosmic.

Dave Luxton is a producer, electronic musician, composer, and guitarist based in Olympia, WA, USA. He is a classically trained musician whose diverse compositions span multiple genres, including guitar-oriented compositions, cinematic soundscapes, alternative rock, and electronica. As a recording artist, he is internationally known for his work in the ambient Spacemusic genre. His artistic vision is to produce innovative music that evokes emotion and opens the mind’s eye.


  1. Broken Crystal
  2. Imaginary Borders
  3. Reverse Orbit
  4. Schumann Resonance
  5. Artificial Life
  6. Microcosmic
  7. The Moon And The Sea
  8. Coriolis
  9. Cradle Of Stars
  10. Two Planets
  11. Time’s Arrow
  12. An Awakening

Format: CD
Artist: Dave Luxton
Release Date: January 5, 2016