Dave Luxton "Stellafane Skies" CD

Dave Luxton

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Dave Luxton - Stellafane Skies (CD)

Stellafane Skies consists of ten all new Ambient-Space Music studio performances composed and performed by Dave Luxton. Inspired by astronomy and celestial themes, the album was made with analog and digital synthesizers, guitar, Theremin, and eBow. Stellafane Skies exemplifies the Spacemusic genre and is perhaps Dave’s best Ambient-Space album to date.

Dave Luxton is America’s premier creator of Space-Ambient music. His mission is to make transcendent music from the inner and outer worlds. He’s the founder of the Pacific Northwest-based Wayfarer Records label and is an experienced producer and sound designer. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist composer, his film scores cover the gamut of musical styles.


  1. Lost Comet
  2. Auriga
  3. Stellafane
  4. Serpens Tail
  5. Earthshine
  6. Sidereal Time
  7. Eye Of God
  8. Averted Vision
  9. Astrobot
  10. Occultation

Format: CD
Artist: Dave Luxton
Release Date: October 7, 2022