I Am The Manic Whale "Gathering the Waters" 2 LP Vinyl

I Am The Manic Whale

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I Am The Manic Whale "Gathering the Waters" (2 LP Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy release.

Originally released in 2017, “Gathering the Waters” is the second studio album from British Progressive Rock band I Am The Manic Whale.

Epic Prog in the tradition of Genesis, Big Big Train and Spock’s Beard with thoughtful lyrics that touch on a range of unusual subjects from the history of printing to the creations of Dutch artist Theo Jansen. 

This release is double heavyweight 180g vinyl in a numbered gatefold cover.


Side 1:

  1. The Man with Many Faces
  2. Strandbeest

Side 2:

  1. The Milgram Experiment
  2. The Lifeboatmen

Side 3:

  1. I’ll Interlude You in A Minute
  2. Stand Up

Side 4:

  1. One (Hopeful Song)
  2. Clock of The Long Now (Live at the Oakwood)
  3. Tocatta


Format: 2LP Vinyl
Artist: I Am The Manic Whale
Release Date: 2017
Cat. No.: PLGX02