Pattern-Seeking Animals "Spooky Action at a Distance" 2CD

Pattern-Seeking Animals

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Pattern-Seeking Animals – Spooky Action at a Distance (2CD)


Pattern-Seeking Animals are back with their fourth studio album and once again poised to redefine the progressive rock landscape.

Spooky Action at a Distance finds Pattern-Seeking Animals more confident than ever, approaching new soundscapes and topics, showcasing their evolution, and commitment to pushing their own creative boundaries.

John Boegehold explains, “Because this is our fourth release in less than five years, my intention was to shift gears and not go over ground that’s already been covered. In addition to using different sounds, textures and musical styles, we approached the vocals, especially backing vocals from a fairly different angle. In addition, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at a different studio with a different engineer than our previous three releases.”

The different approach is not only noticeable in production and sounds, but in the lyrics as well. “The subject matter of the lyrics includes a Norse king contemplating life while being conquered, an aging seeker on the path toward enlightenment, aliens hunting down humans trying to evade capture, the life of a conflicted soldier before and after WW1, a pregnant teenager leaving a bad situation at home, a reluctant hero victorious in her final battle and a guy’s girlfriend who leaves him because of his conspiracy theories.”



  1. The Man Made Of Stone
  2. Window To The World
  3. What Awaits Me
  4. He Once Was
  5. Underneath The Orphan Moon
  6. Clouds That Never Rain
  7. Bulletproof
  8. Somewhere North Of Nowhere
  9. Summoned From Afar
  10. Love Is Still The Light


  1. There Goes My Baby
  2. Orphans Of The World (Live at ProgStock 2022)
  3. Elegant Vampires (Live at ProgStock 2022)
  4. Time Has A Way (Live at ProgStock 2022)

      Format: 2CD
      Artist: Pattern-Seeking Animals
      Release Date: October 27, 2023