Cydonia "Stations" CD


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Cydonia - Stations (CD)

Stations was released on December 16, 2022 - three studio songs, as well as two live recordings from the Slow Club in Freiburg. It takes you on a 45-minute journey through their unique cosmos of Progressive Rock.

The songs Way to Cydonia and Where is the Silence? are essentially about inner states and external expectations or social constraints. In Union of Souls, the themes vary from depressive states to the hope of togetherness, similar to the film Avatar, where living beings and nature are one. The plot of the instrumental Caravan of Slaves revolves around a slave caravan that passes an observer - and one of the prisoners is able to escape. Already there is about self-discovery and the journey of life we are all on. Not least because of the lyrics, their debut work is called Stations because it is thematically about stations in life.


  • Michael Bernauer – Vocals
  • Rainer Duck – Guitars
  • Dirk Fenchel – Drums
  • Oliver Gerike – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Bass-Pedals, Backing Vocals
  • Daniel Perrey – Keyboards, Backing Vocals


  • Way To Cydonia
  • Where Is The Silence
  • Union Of Souls
    • Demons
    • Looking Through The Gateway
    • The Journey
    • Eywa
    • Connected
  • Caravan Of Slaves (Live)
  • Already There (Live)


Format: CD
Artist: Cydonia
Release Date: December 16, 2022