Cyril "The Way Through" CD

Marek Arnold

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Cyril – The Way Through (CD)

Germany’s melodic prog band Cyril’s third studio album. 

Following on from Gone Through Years (2013) and Paralyzed (2016), the third album has story and lyrics written by Guy Manning (Damanek, UPF, ex-Tangent) and is entitled The Way Through. It is about a patient in intensive care caught between life and death.

The album offers the complex melodies and progressive instrumental arrangements for which they have become known. It has been produced and composed by Marek Arnold (keys/sax, Seven Steps to the Green Door, Toxic Smile, Flaming Row, ex-Star Combo Meissen), with Denis Strassburg (bass) and Manuel Schmid (vox/keys, Star Combo Meissen). The CD again welcomes Larry B. (vox,Toxic Smile), Ralf Dietsch (guitar), Clemens Litschko (drums) and other guests. Martin Schnella (Flaming Row) completed the final mix.


  1. The Gate
  2. My Own Reflection
  3. First Love (a lullaby)
  4. Get Up High
  5. A Sign On The Road
  6. The Wasteland – Home Again
  7. The Way Through?

Format: CD
Artist: Cyril
Release Date: April 1, 2019