Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman "Can We Leave The Light On Longer?" CD (NEW ARTIST)

Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman

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Damian Wilson & Adam WakemanCan We Leave The Light On Longer? (CD)
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Damian and Adam have released their 3rd full-length studio album Can We Leave The Light On Longer?

The album, containing 10 new songs, features Damian on vocals and acoustic guitar and Adam on piano, vocals, Hammond organ, acoustic & electric guitars, bass and percussion.  Additional drums and trumpet are provided by Pete Riley and George Hogg and there's an 18-voices choir.

In line with, perhaps even more than on, their previous albums the songs have a very personal depth and meaning to Adam and Damian

Check Them Out:


  1. 1.     AI
  2. 2.     Can We Leave The Light On Longer?
  3. 3.     The Man From The Island
  4. 4.     Let’s Talk
  5. 5.     The Battle Of The Bare Knuckle Fighter
  6. 6.     Turn Your Life Around
  7. 7.     Multiplicity
  8. 8.     November
  9. 9.     Hero
  10. 10.  Addlestone

Format: CD
Artist: Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman
Release Date:  January 12, 2024