Damian Wilson "Limehouse to Lechlade" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Damian Wilson – Limehouse To Lechlade (CD)
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The album, produced by Andrew Holdsworth, is Damian’s first full-length solo album since 2016’s Built For Fighting. It contains 13 original songs and is Damian’s most eclectic work yet.

Known for his exploration into different genres, the songs on the album range from folk-rock to power pop, with the occasional Floydian guitar solo. The title, Limehouse To Lechlade, refers to the navigable length of the River Thames heading upstream from central London to the Cotswolds. Damian loved his many years living on river boats and traveling the River Thames is particular special to him. The album has an underlying concept throughout that represents our journey through life.

The album is mastered by Tony Lindgren (Billie Eilish, Opeth, Katatonia) and features a wide range of musicians - 17 in total, including Alex Reeves (Elbow), Lee Pomeroy (ELO), Michael Buckley (Glen Hansard) and Chris Hill (Jamie Cullum).

Limehouse To Lechlade was recorded during one of the most challenging periods for the music industry. Damian believes that music is about connecting with people, and after this period of separation from each other he is looking forward to reconnecting with his audience on the road.

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  1. 1.      Once We’re Gone
  2. 2.      Limehouse To Lechlade
  3. 3.      Climbing Frame
  4. 4.      Let Me Down Slowly
  5. 5.      Fire & Ashes
  6. 6.      Picture
  7. 7.      No Money
  8. 8.      Key Of Life
  9. 9.      Hard To Keep Faith
  10. 10.  Must We Say Goodnight
  11. 11.  It Ends Here
  12. 12.  Women On My Mind
  13. 13.  Cornerstone
  14. 14.  Seek For Adventure (Bonus Track)

Format: CD
Artist: Damian Wilson
Release Date: November 12, 2021